Hey, I’m Ashlee.

I am the face behind the desTINY dweller blog. I am the person with the corny sense of humor,  the person who uses her words to invoke emotion, the person opening up her world for all to see…. In hopes, that you may learn a thing or two from me.

The desTINY dweller movement is my way of communicating the fact that we have absolute control over our destiny by the choices we make in each and every moment. Because of this, where we are is exactly where we are meant to be. The true beauty of it is, though, that we can create our own destiny by those choices that we make day in and day out. 

My tiny house journey is my outlet of communication to the world- my way to get this idea out to all who will listen.

I hope that by sharing my experiences, I will be able to help you (even in the slightest way) on your own journey… wherever you may be headed. Check out this post to give you an idea of what to look forward to.

“Is that one of those tiny houses I see on TV? You LIVE in that?”

I get this question almost everyday. It’s baffling to a lot of people that I would choose to living within a 160 square foot space. But, for me, I didn’t have to think twice about living in a tiny house.

Deciding to purchase the tiny house and totally change my way of life just felt right. It felt like exactly what I was meant to be doing: living a simple, sustainable life while also having the ability to pick up and move to any location at any time.
Let the adventures begin!

A little bit more about me: I am obsessed with yoga, nutrition, sustainability, traveling, laughing, entrepreneurship, nature, and, of course, tiny houses.

I am simultaneously the simplest and most complicated person that you will ever meet. I see the world in a different light than most people and if you have made it to this website, then you probably do too. I am ecstatic to share this journey with you.

Welcome to my unconventional life.

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