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Hobbies are Vital to Your Happiness

Do you feel as though you have been trying everything to be happy and live a fulfilled life? Are you driving yourself crazy with all of the tasks that you have to do every day to keep things in balance? Have you read a million blogs and watched a million Youtube...

A Little Piece of Heaven

Just wanted to brighten your day with a little piece of heaven... Where do you go to reconnect with yourself, with nature, with your soul?

desTINYdweller Featured on!

This is such a fun journey... Shrinking my space, growing myself, meeting like-minded people, learning about life. This is what it is all about. This is passion, love, happiness. A few weeks ago I got the privilege of getting interviewed by the amazing Natalie at...

Hey, I’m Ashlee.

Hey, I’m Ashlee!
I started this website as a way to document my journey living in a tiny house and to share the lessons that I have learned along the way with anyone who will listen.

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